Ann Romney Vs. Michelle Obama | A Fashionable Race To The White House

Celebrities and public figures typically make fashion news due to the overall look that is achieved through their choice in clothing, accessories, and hair and makeup styles. While there's always the anticipated question of "who will wear who" to a big event, it's rare to focus on "who's not wearing who, but such is the case for First Lady Michelle Obama and the Republican contender for her title, Ann Romney. While both women are known for their sophisticated fashion sense in the public eye, they're surprisingly making headlines because of the luxury designer labels that they do— and don't— wear.

Ann Romney is the latest to draw attention to her style choices after her appearance at last night's Republican National Convention. While it's not the look itself that's starting conversation— she looked stunning in a tasteful red frock with black pumps and gold jewelry— it's the designer she chose to wear that people are talking about. The knee-length fire engine red dress with three-quarter sleeves was made by Oscar de la Renta, one of the only luxury designers that Michelle Obama has not worn.

Though we doubt that Michelle has avoided an appearance in Oscar's pieces purposely, the two did butt heads last year when the designer publicly criticized Mrs. O for wearing a European label to Chinese President Hu Jintao's state dinner— an event that was to promote American-Chinese trade. His remark caused so much commotion that it even forced Michelle to address the issue publicly. Still, we don't think that Michelle is the type to hold a grudge, especially since she is known for embracing mostly younger designers, including Oscar's own son, Moises.

Nevertheless, Ann Romney's fashion choice is interesting, even though it's probably just coincidence. It just goes to show that where there's fashion, there's politics— or maybe it's the other way around. Regardless, we can't wait to see what looks these leading ladies will wear over the next few months during the remainder of the presidential race.