Animals Who Love Pumpkins More Than Basic White Girls Do

Seriously, the love they have for pumpkins exceeds any PSL fan
Pumpkin Lovin’ Animals

Move over, flannel-wearing white girls: these animals call dibs on being the #1 fan of pumpkins.

Every fall, we all brace ourselves for the onslaught of pumpkin spiced everything. From typical Starbucks PSLs to pumpkin-flavored Oreos, we are exposed to the never ending parade of pumpkin flavored things. Why? The simple answer: white girls.

These flannel wearing, Instagram-lovin’, Ugg boot fanatics clog our newsfeeds with photos of their favorite pumpkin-flavored things and basically claim to love this time of year more than anyone.

We hate to break it to you girls, but these animals have got you beat:

1. Come this time of year, even squirrels are hosting their own private pumpkin carving party. We bet their PSLs are warming in the tree.

2. Halloween is totes her fave holiday.







4.”Take a picture for my Instagram account!”

5. We get the feeling they totally buy all the pumpkin spice products they can find.

6. Ugh, just don’t get their Ugg boots wet...

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