Angry 7-Eleven Franchisee Opens '6-Twelve' In Revenge

A disgruntled former 7-Eleven franchisee in Boston has cut ties with the parent company, but he's still bitter enough to want revenge. Now he's running a rival store across the street, and his new place is called 6-Twelve.


According to CBS, Abu Musa ran a 7-Eleven franchise in South Boston, but he and the company had a falling-out over some operational practices. Musa said he did not want to sell hot food in his 7-Eleven because it did not sell and cost him money, but the parent company reportedly told him he had to keep selling it anyway. Musa and 7-Eleven went back and forth over the issue, and other issues, and eventually the saga ended with Musa losing his franchise and taking the parent company to court. That case was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2014, but Musa was still angry.


Now, Musa appears to have decided to get even by opening a competing convenience store right across the street from his old 7-Eleven, and he's calling the new place 6-Twelve.


Musa told the Boston Globe that his goal is to drive the 7-Eleven out of business. He says he can sell everything cheaper because he knows the prices of everything at his old store, and he's stocking specialty snack foods from Ireland and operating as a UPS Access Point so people can have their packages dropped off at the store. It'll be an uphill battle, but Musa intends to keep fighting.