Anger Towards Craft Brewery Sales spurs #SellOutandDie Campaign


10 Barrel funeral service photo from the Sell Out and Die website

Anti brewery merger and acquisition sentiments are reaching new heights today as a new website and twitter account called “Sell-Out and Die” posted photos and one creepy as hell video of their version of a “10 Barrel Funeral Service”. Before the video (seen below) the anonymous website owners write “Here Lies 10 Barrel Brewing Co. 2009 – 2014 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s life was cut short at 5 years of age by a drunken stampede of Anheuser-Busch’s corporate Clydesdales. The website and twitter feed has been encouraging some popular twitter accounts and hashtag users to share condolences with their own hashtag #SellOutandDie. The whole thing is a bit reminiscent of the current culture wars going on in the gaming community that have spurned the ongoing #GamerGate controversy.

Luckily this sort of over-the-top vitriol towards brewery acqusitions is not quite the mainstream and hopefully it will stay that way. While The New School may not be fans of AB/InBev purchasing craft breweries this sort of attack is a bit much and makes us look like a bunch of wackos. And did I mention how creepy this whole website and video is? We tried to get ahold of the founder of this nonsense via their twitter account but have not received any response yet.

Twitter: @SelloutandDie Website:

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