Andy Cohen Goes Fishing With Tom Colicchio

In a particularly pop culture-centric episode of Reserve Channel's Hooked Up with Tom Colicchio, Bravo's Andy Cohen makes a guest appearance on Colicchio's fishing boat, following up Eddie Huang by talking pop culture, wearing leather chaps and a fishing vest, and telling us what we already knew: "Chefs are nuts and they are partiers."

Colicchio, though, doesn't take Cohen out to party, but to fish for striper and blue fish, where Cohen works those fishing muscles and makes Colicchio proud. Watch below as Cohen goes fishing in the New York harbor, gets super sassy as he defends staying up and waking up late (while Colicchio gets up at 5 a.m.), and chooses between Ellen and Oprah, Diddy and Jay-Z, and Will & Grace and Modern Family.

In related news, Spike Mendelsohn has launched his own web series over on Tasted, titled We're Drunk, Let's Eat. Sounds like every non-work-sponsored happy hour, ever.