Andrew Zimmern Plays Great Balls Of Rapid Fire

Last night, stud muffin Joe Manganiello of Magic Mike and Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern were on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, and while Manganiello pulled out some stripper moves, Zimmern had an even more interesting game to play.

Cohen propositioned Zimmern with a game called "Great Balls of Rapid Fire," where he had to talk about his favorite tasting testicles. Camel balls? "Delicious but dry heat is good." Goat balls, Zimmern says, should be "America's next junk food." And his favorite are duck and rooster, in that order.

And lamb is apparently the worst, Zimmern says. "Barnyardy and too much like Woolite."

As for other edible parts? "Just like all the human ones," Zimmern said in the After Party sessions. "Lips, both pairs, cheeks, but you have to be careful because the penis of the animal is sometimes very tasty, in other cases absolutely inedible. Everyhting else is good to go."