Presenting Jewel's 'Supermarket Song' For Walmart

The songstress and poet behind the sappy song "You Were Meant For Me" (with colleague Steve Poltz) has been writing children's songs for a while, a feasible and respectable career route for a former folk star slash wannabe pop star. Unfortunately, Jewel is apparently also singing for Walmart.

Jewel was recorded singing "The Supermarket Song," off her children's album "The Merry Goes Round" back in March. As Jezebel notes, this isn't Jewel, the "folksy Alaskan yodeler whose hands were small (she knew), but they were not yours — they were her own?" Instead, she's the Jewel who sings about Walmart, and how much she loves it because they have "50-pound bags of chicken nuggets, yummy yogurt by the bucket." Yikes.

Naturally, people are calling her a major sellout, but perhaps she genuinely loves Walmart, and supermarkets, as this riff is based off her "Supermarket Song." Sample lyrics: "That's what I love about the Walmart store/ they have everything that you could want and so much more/ it's so hard to keep my hands inside the cart/but I better try or my mom won't bring me back no more." Listen below.