Here Is a Supercut of Kids Eating Warheads for the First Time

They'll never trust anyone, ever again

We haven't had Warheads in so long in this office, but this video makes us want to try it just once more. For the uninitiated, Warheads involve a pretty awful sour coating that gives way to a Jolly Rancher-esque candy. So naturally, parents decided to give their kids a Warhead for the first time and film the reaction.

This compilation below pulls together the best reactions of kids' first taste, with the poor kids wincing slightly, fighting to not spit out the candy (good training, parents!), scrunching their noses, and sometimes giving in and spitting out the hard candy.

Watch below for the adorableness, wincing through with the kids and feeling their pain. Best reactions go to the baby at 30 seconds in, the dramatic kid at 1:27, or the last kid who so obviously powers through. And if you've never had a Warhead before, you know what to do.