And Here Is Justin Timberlake's Bud Light Platinum Ad

They edit out a bad word, which doesn't quite work for the song

Did you guys watch the Grammys last night? Did you swoon over Justin Timberlake's pompadoured hair and bow tie? Did you envy the ridiculous amount of swag that was on stage when JT and Jay-Z performed together?

Apparently, Bud Light Platinum can get you all of that, in this spot ad featuring Timberlake and his new single. And while we love that Timberlake is returning to the musical stage, "Suit & Tie" just doesn't fly in this spot, where a certain word is bleeped out.

In any case, Platinum is really selling the cool-kid factor here, showing a couple glamming up and going out on a date to, you guessed it, a Justin Timberlake concert. But of course, it's not a Madison Square Garden giant venue sort of thing, but a posh club/lounge affair. And if Bud Light Platinum could get us that close to Justin Timberlake on a stage, we would drink it, too.