Amy Poehler's Hilarious, Terrible Freestyle Rap About Butter

Amy Poehler and more do their best to freestyle rap about butter. It's not pretty

The actress does her best freestyle rap battle about butter.

We always love a good food rap, and the staff's universal love for Amy Poehler is pretty standard. But of course, combine the two together and you get something entirely different.

Vulture tipped us off to Poehler's recent appearance on the "Comedy Bang! Bang!" podcast, where she participated in a rap battle — classic. The topic: butter. The contestants: Host Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins as Alan Thicke, Poehler, and Neil Campbell.

Let's note that all of these aren't necessarily good rap battles, but Poehler's is pretty on-beat. There is definitely some shade-throwing going on (sorry Paula Deen), but Poehler's verse has some political messages that might resonate with the food community, which, as Comedy Bang! Bang! notes, is completely normal for a freestyle rap.

Sample lyrics? "Butter and jam/ Butter pecan/ Butter is off /Butter is on/ Butter is good/ Butter is bad/ Butter be the best motherf*cking thing you've had/ And now I'm going on a diet /I think you should try it/ I'm not gonna lie /It's hard to eat heathy in America/ becuase poor people can't afford/ real food." You'll have to listen to the whole thing below (Poehler starts at 4:45) to get the real deal, but be warned, there's plenty of NSFW material.