Amy Poehler To Star As Heroic Lunch Lady

There are plenty of Parks and Recreation fans here at The Daily Meal, so learning that Amy Poehler might play a lunch lady in film about superhero lunch ladies is right up our alley.

The rumor, which started several years ago, has resurfaced thanks to a Boston Globe story about Jarrett Krosoczka, a children's book author who wrote a series of graphic novels about a — you guessed it — lunch lady who fought crime with kitchen gadgets and spatulas. The books have since been optioned by Universal Pictures for a live-action film starring Amy Poehler as the aforementioned superhero lunch lady, hopefully spouting off the tagline, "Serving justice! And serving lunch!"

Of course, all of this is to highlight Krosoczka, who thinks real-life lunch ladies are misrepresented and maligned in pop culture. "They are far from the nasty old lady slopping goulash on the tray. They are the most positive, cheery people I have ever met," he told the Boston Globe.

Thus this Friday, Krosoczka declared it School Lunch Superhero Day, which basically means we should be thankful for the women and men serving up food to kids across the country. Now if only Amy Poehler would try a day as a lunch lady...