Amsterdam | Visiting Amsterdam

Heading to Amsterdam? The notorious capital of The Netherlands known for its more laid back and liberal policies, Amsterdam is often considered the Venice of the North for the romantic canals that wind through the city.

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination for many around the world, and it is the cultural, financial creative and culinary heart of the country. Amsterdam is charmingly lined with coffee shops, restaurants, bars and pubs that offer a relaxed pace with a fantastic dining and drinking scene.

Best visited in the warmer weather, Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city that locals and travelers alike embrace. Amsterdam maybe offers travelers an endless itinerary of things to do, places to wander, cafes to enjoy, parks to stroll through, museums to discover and various other activities to keep you busy for all of your days traveling there.

Amsterdam has more than 300 hotels that suit all budgets and travelers, be it five-star hotels or youth hostels.