Tokyo Restaurant for Naked People Announces Age, Weight Restrictions

Only thin people are allowed to eat without their clothes on at Tokyo’s naked restaurant
Japan naked restaurant

Wikimedia Commons

Tokyo's naked restaurant says it will not be offering refunds to customers turned away at the door for being judged to be too heavy or too old to eat without their clothes on.

Naked restaurants are one of the weirder culinary trends happening in the world right now, but pop-up restaurants offering nude dining experiences have opened in London and Australia, and now Tokyo is about to get one of its own. Not all of Tokyo’s adventurous nudist foodies will get to indulge, however, because the restaurant has announced that it will be monitoring the door to keep out anybody it deems excessively old or overweight.

According to Rocket News 24, The Amrita in Tokyo opens on July 29 and offers a mostly naked dining experience for between $112 and $563. The restaurant’s website specifies, however, that only diners between the ages of 18 and 60 will be allowed to participate, and that anybody judged to be 15 kilograms, or about 33 pounds, heavier than “average body weight” will be turned away at the door.

Tattoos are also not allowed.


In spite of the strict guidelines, the restaurant has been selling a lot of tickets, and several nights are already sold out. All the people buying those expensive tickets had better hope they maintain their weights, though, because the restaurant says it will not be returning the money of any customers who are turned away at the door for being too fat or old.