Americans Won't Pay A Premium For Healthy Eats


It seems despite a national trend toward healthier eating, most Americans are unwilling to spend an extra buck for healthy fare when dining out. 70 percent of consumers over the age of 50 would not pay extra for healthier meals in restaurants, according to a recent study from The NPD Group. Of consumers aged 25 to 49, about 55 percent said they would expect to pay the same amount for healthy menu items as they would for standard fare. Only 9 percent said they'd be willing to pay a lot more for such options. Interestingly, those in the 18-24 age group were most willing to dole out extra money for healthy menu items while eating out. 

We decided to poll our readers to gauge whether they would splurge for healthier meals — the results are clear:

Would you pay more for healthier menu items?

70% No

30% Yes

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