America's Oldest Bars: Louisiana

A look at Louisiana's long-living watering holes.
Antoine's Restaurant
Wikimedia Commons/Infrogmation

Antoine's Restaurant

You belly up to the bar, put your hand on the old wood, or the worn metal, and order yourself a pint. There are names scratched into the wall. Scuffmarks on the floor. Nothing's fancy. Nothing's too too. The place, the drink, it's all the way it should be and it's going to continue that way for some time to come. Why? You're in a nexus for drink, space and time. You're visiting a classic, one of the oldest bars in the country.

This installment of our America's Oldest Bars series features Louisiana. Known for its rich cultural background and as a melting pot of various worldly cuisines, the history of Louisiana's bar scene is just as colorful. New Orleans is home to most of the state's oldest drinking establishments, a handful of which are also thought to be haunted.

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