America's Largest Pizzas

According to The Guinness World Records, the largest pizza in the world was created in South Africa in 1990. Weighing in at 26,883 pounds, this gargantuan pizza used almost 10,000 pounds of flour and measured 122.6 feet. And while there hasn't yet been another pizza quite of that scale, there are some considerably sized pizzas found here in America.

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Some of the pies included on this list involve challenges, like one found in Georgia that's 11 pounds and must be eaten by just two people in an hour in order to win the cash prize. Others, however, are just big for bragging rights' sake, like one in San Antonio that's a whopping 62 inches in diameter.

No matter the motive behind their creation, we're sure these pizzas will inspire awe and undeniable cravings, so click through to check out some of the pies in America that are fit to feed a small army — or perhaps just one very hungry pizza lover.

Additional reporting by Diana Feng.