America's Haunted Bars Slideshow


Old Absinthe House

Old Absinthe House
240 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA
Patrons claim to have encountered the ghosts of infamous New Orleans residents, including Jean Lafitte and Andrew Jackson, on many occasions.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

Jean Lafittes Blacksmith Shop
941 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA
Founded: 1772
Legend has it that pirate Jean Lafitte set up this blacksmith shop as a front for his smuggling business. These days various areas of the establishment (such as the downstairs mirror and the fireplace) are said to be haunted by a host of spirits.

Pat O'Briens

Pat O’Briens
718 Saint Peter Street, New Orleans, LA
Founded: 1933
This 24-hour bar is known best for its strong Hurricanes and haunted Ladies Room. Bartenders and patrons alike have reported strange occurrences near the Piano Bar and courtyard as well.

The Pirates House

The Pirates House
20 East Broad Street, Savannah, GA
Legend tells that the close proximity to the Savannah River made this bar a favorite spot for sailors and pirates alike. Many have speculated that The Pirates House inspired the classic story, “Treasure Island.” The ghost of pirate Captain Flint is said to haunt the vacant upper level of the bar.

White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern
567 Hudson Street, New York, NY
Founded: 1880
The spirit of poet Dylan Thomas, a regular at the White Horse Tavern when he was alive, is said to make frequent appearances at this West Village bar. Thomas is said to have passed away after a heavy night of drinking at the White Horse Tavern in November of 1956.

Ear Inn

Ear Inn
326 Spring Street, New York,NY
Founded: 1817
Allegedly haunted by the ghost of Mickey, a regular patron who lived upstairs, Ear Inn is known for being the site of peculiar incidents. Customers have frequently reported strange activities, said to have been attributed to Mickey’s spirit.