America's Haunted Bars

Who will you be drinking with this Halloween? Pirates? Zombies? Long-dead celebrities?

No, we're not talking about revelers dressed up in costumes, we're talking about the real deal. For the brave of heart looking to tip back a few with visitors from the other side, we've compiled a list of historic bars nationwide that are known for their supernatural patrons.

Bars have always been a colliding point for people's emotions — love, hate, and everything in between. So really, it's not too difficult to imagine (for those who believe in such things) that some notorious folks might have made such a strong imprint on their favorite taverns that they refused to leave, even after death. Characters like Captain Flint, pirate extraordinaire, an alleged frequenter of Savannah's Pirate's House. Or famed beat poet and notable drunk, Dylan Thomas, who is said to still haunt his favorite table at New York City's White Horse Tavern.

As the spirits rise for the macabre night of Halloween, this could in all likelihood be your best chance to see these phantasms come to life, so try not to miss the exciting night that could very well be your spookiest yet.

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