American Craft Beer Market Rakes in Revenue

The small businesses of the craft brewing industry are creating an unstoppable force for international trade

American craft beers are making a huge impression on beer lovers worldwide.

Even with all of the foreign liquor the United States seems to be drinking, rest assured that one of our own industries is still booming.

According to UPS Voice, exports of American craft beers increased by 72 percent in 2012, generating $49 million in sales, according to The Brewers Association (BA), a nonprofit trade group based in Boulder, Colo. The largest volume of exports was sent to Canada with 140 percent growth in shipments last year. The year also saw an increased number of exports going to Brazil and Japan.


The reason for the mass exports simply comes down to reputation. American craft brews are seen as innovative and high quality in international markets, a status proven by success in international beer competitions. This proves that even small businesses can gain revenue through international sales; all it takes is an innovative, unique product that will present something new to the competition. Though the logistics can sometimes be difficult to figure out (from paperwork to language barriers), different brewers team together for advice on how to do business in international markets. In essence, the U.S.’s booming market of small-business craft brewers is becoming a force and sensation that proves American beer stands strong on the international market.