American Airlines Blames Soda, Coffee Spillage for Seat Problem

You careless passengers throwing around coffee are the reason those seats came loose

That inevitable moment when turbulence hits and your in-flight coffee or soda goes flying all over you, your fellow passengers, and the floor below? That's the reason that those three seats came loose on American Airlines flights last week, says the airline. 

The spokesman for American Airlines, Mary Frances Fagan, told media outlets that spilled coffee and soda "gunked up" the seat locking track that holds the seats in. Of course, other factors behind the seats coming loose on flights were poor design and wear and tear. "We are taking extra steps to ensure that the seats do not dislodge from the track," she said. 


Loose sets of seats were found on six American Airlines planes, and those flights that were sent back to the airports were refurbished with new seats. Makes you want to bring a sippy cup on that flight, huh?