America’s Most Outrageous French Fries

A collection of truly unique french fries, in honor of National French Fries Day

Urban Fries from Jack's Urban Eats in Sacramento, Calif.

For the average person, there are few foods more addictive or satisfying than a serving of french fries, fresh from the fryer. Whether they’re thin-cut or steak-cut, shoestring-style or Belgian-style, curly or crinkled, fries are a food that Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. So in honor of National French Fries Day, here is a look at some unique and innovative versions of this iconic dish.

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Just as some restaurants and vendors aim to elevate foods like pizza, burgers, and grilled cheese, many fries experts across the country are serving up their spuds in creative ways. From topping the fries with intriguing ingredients to coming up with outrageous presentations (like spiral-cut and skewered), the opportunities for innovation are endless.

Frysmith, a popular Los Angeles-based food truck is dedicated to offering crispy, golden fries (made with Kennebec potatoes) layered with things like shawarma-marinated steak, chicken braised in tomatillo-tamarind sauce, and homemade kimchi. And over in Portland, Ore., Kenny & Zuke’s tops their gargantuan servings of fries with its signature pastrami and melted Swiss cheese.

Take a look through this list, and then check out The Daily Meal’s roundup of America’s 15 Best French Fries for an in-depth look at the best fried spuds this country has to offer. Know of some particularly outrageous french fries that didn’t make the cut? Feel free to comment below.