America’s 19 Most Romantic Bars

A kiss, a sigh, a double Manhattan

To help you design an evening that’s truly special, we’ve pulled together this list: the cream of the crop, America’s most romantic bars.

What’s more romantic than an evening at your favorite bar? Imagine it: dimmed lights, hushed voices, a fraternity rush party…

Wait. Who let those guys in?

For truly special nights, sometimes your local haunt just won’t cut it. So to help you design an evening that’s unforgettable, we’ve pulled together this list: the cream of the crop, America’s most romantic bars. Each of the following 19 hotspots has been hand-picked for its style, service, ambience and menu — think fernet, not fireball shots.

America’s 19 Most Romantic Bars (Slideshow)

From D.C. to Detroit, we’ve picked institutions that could melt even the coolest heart. There’s something for everyone: oenophiles, locavores, steampunks, S&M aficionados and people, um, looking for a third. And even if you’re none of those — just a regular vanilla couple — you’re bound to have a wonderful time, too.

These bars haven’t been selected on a whim. Existing reviews helped shape this list — the following nightspots are loved by professional reviewers (like Zagat) and dedicated amateurs (like a really passionate guy from Yelp) alike. We went with a mix of highbrow and lowbrow here in order to strike a good mix between well-known haunts and hole-in-the-wall surprises.

Everyone loves a little differently, and so in deference to that, our bars have been ranked on two factors: sugar and spice. The metrics are pretty simple — one’s sweet, the other’s sexy (of course, a lucky few are both). If you’re not sure which you’d prefer, imagine your dream night out with a loved one. If the evening ends with stolen kisses, look for bars that rank high in sugar. On the other hand, if that night out ends with stolen panties? Look for spice.

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So pucker up, buttercup, and welcome to some of America’s most romantic bars. No need to make a reservation — we’ve got a table waiting for you.