Amazon Expanding Grocery Delivery In Los Angeles, San Francisco

Since 2007 Amazon has been delivering local produce and meats to Seattle residents, thanks to the testing of AmazonFresh (their version of FreshDirect, it seems).

Now, however, Los Angelenos and San Franciscans might be able to get their broccoli delivered with their books and DVDs (or Blue-Rays). Reuters reports that Amazon is planning to expand AmazonFresh, bringing the grocery delivery service to Los Angeles as early as this week.

According to unnamed sources, Los Angeles may launch this week, followed by San Francisco and the Bay Area later in 2013.

If those two expansions go smoothly, the company is looking to bring AmazonFresh to 20 other "urban areas" by the end of 2014, including internationally. Other experts say Amazon is hoping to expand to as many as 40 markets.

Of course, Amazon has often delivered packaged foods to customers, including in one instance, whale meat in Japan. AmazonFresh, however, delivers meat, dairy, and other fresh and frozen foods, and their Seattle website boasts ingredients from local purveyors. And of course, if all this comes to fruition, Amazon will have an edge over other produce retailers like FreshDirect, as customers will be able to buy cookbooks, plus all the necessary ingredients, with one checkout.