Amazon Will Open A Swanky Pop-Up Bar In Tokyo

Amazon already delivers nearly everything a person could need. The site even sells Girl Scout cookies, and it's possible to order Starbucks with Alexa. In some cities, Amazon Prime members can even order alcohol to be delivered to their homes in just an hour. People who actually want to leave their house, however, might prefer Amazon's new alcohol service: A real, brick-and-mortar bar with human servers and everything.


According to Sora News 24, Amazon is opening a new Amazon Bar in Tokyo's swanky Ginza district on October 20. The bar is a temporary pop-up that will only be open for 10 days, but it will be open to the general public.


The Amazon Bar has a high-end look, and the walls are lined with copious bottles of beer, wine, and spirits. There's no menu, however. Instead, customers use tablets at a central kiosk to answer questions about their tastes and preferences, then the tablet offers a list of customized recommendations.


The bar is not entirely automated, however. There will be a human sommelier on-hand to recommend wines. Amazon Japan offers online sommelier advice for wine orders via the website.


Cocktails range from $4.50 to $13.50, and the bar will also serve food and wine. The food is made from ingredients available through Amazon's grocery delivery service, and the first dish is free. Unfortunately, the bar will only be around for 10 days. It will probably be extremely crowded, because a full-service cocktail bar sounds like one of the many products Amazon sells that nobody really needs, but everybody wants anyway.