Amazing Ways to Make The Most Out Of Pumpkin Seeds

Don't throw away your pumpkin seeds, cook and bake with them

It's easy to dry fresh pumpkin seeds in the oven.

Clean your pumpkin seeds, boil them in salt water for 10 minutes, drain them, and then dry them with a paper towel. Toss them in a very light coating of oil and then sprinkle them with salt and your favorite spices (I like Chinese Five Spice or ground cumin) before roasting them on a sheet pan in a 325-degree oven for an addicting yet light snack. Keep an eye on the seeds so that they don’t burn and stir them once halfway through their cook time; they’ll take about 15–20 minutes.

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If you roasted pumpkin seeds in your oven and stored them in an air-tight container, sprinkle a handful on your soup or salad in the afternoon.

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Roasted pumpkin seeds can also be removed from their white shell. The green seed inside (which should not be browned after toasting) is great in bread and muffins.

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You can also sprinkle these yummy shelled seeds on top of oatmeal for a warm, autumnal breakfast.

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Roasted, shelled pumpkin seeds also make a great addition to trail mix.

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