The Amazing G-Fruit and Ways to Use It

Guanabana seems to have entered the league of superfruits

Find out how to incorporate this amazing fruit in your diet.

While the guanabána sounds exotic, it's medicinal and health properties are even more exciting.

Also commonly known as soursop, this spiny green tropical fruit has a sweet inner flesh once you get past the bitter rind that is used in desserts like ice-creams and smoothies. The fruit is native to the tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, South America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. The graviola tree‘s (where the fruit grows) scientific name is Annona muricata, and it can grow up to about 30 feet with the fruit growing to be about 12 inches long.

The Amazing G-Fruit and 7 Ways to Use It (Slideshow)

Guanabána seems to have entered the league of superfruits. Since guanabána is a fruit, it obviously provides essential carbs, but it is also abundant in the vitamins B and C, calcium, phosphorus, and some iron. The potency of this curious fruit lies in its highly bioactive compounds that have been said to aid in managing medical conditions such as asthma, fevers, cough, skin rashes, lice, liver problems, oral ulcers, vomiting, diabetes, gout, and many types of cancer.

As an integrative physician, I always strive to find natural treatments that help people heal mentally and physically, while promoting preventative health and wellness. The majority of holistic and natural treatments have their roots in the ancient world. A lot of what we see today as integrative therapy has been used for ages in many parts of the world. Ayurveda is a perfect example. Ayurvedic remedies such as turmeric and coconut water have long existed in India, but are now just coming to light in the Western world. Guanabana has landed on my superfood list, especially with my cancer patients. I encourage everyone to incorporate this fruit into their diet somehow.

Guanabána Margarita

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Guanabána Colada

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