Amazing Food Scented Jewelry

Get hungry for truly delicious jewelry
Amazing Food Scented Jewelry
Tiny Hands

Why yes, you too can smell like fresh pancakes.

There is nothing quite like the smell of waffles in the morning or the sweet smell of a cupcake as it is coming out of the oven. For most of us, food triggers a special memory, a call to days gone by. But what if you could have your favorite food scent follow you wherever you go?

Tiny Hands can help you capture any of these delicious smells with adorable scented jewelry. This crafty company combined their love of jewelry and food with scented accessories for the food lover. With an assortment of sweet treats you can wear, this adorable accessory purveyor offers a selection to satisfy anyone’s food fetish. These trinkets are made from polymer clay, and they even have a tutorial available so you can make them at home!

Here are some of our favorites:


Ice Cream:


Fortune Cookie:


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