Use Aldi and Venmo’s New Turkey Hand Emoji to Help Fight Hunger This Thanksgiving

Aldi plans to donate 10 meals every time someone uses its new emoji

Aldi made a new Venmo emoji to donate meals for Thanksgiving.

Aldi has really been upping its game lately. The discount grocery store sold a prize-winning wine for $7.99 and recently announced it’d be spending $1.6 billion to upgrade more than 1,300 of its US stores. Now it’s announced that it plans to donate a million meals over the Thanksgiving holiday with the help of a new Turkey Hand emoji.

Venmo is a mobile app that lets people send and receive money from friends, along with messages and emoji. Now Venmo and Aldi have teamed up to create a Friendsgiving Turkey Hand emoji, which is designed to look like the traditional “trace the outline of your hand and color it in to look like a turkey” craft kids do in schools around Thanksgiving. This is the first time Venmo has made a custom emoji with another company, and they’re doing it to benefit Feeding America, the biggest domestic hunger-relief charity in the U.S.

Aldi Venmo turkey hand emoji


Aldi and Venmo's Turkey Hand emoji

Sending the turkey hand emoji does not cost a Venmo user anything, but every time a person uses it in November, Aldi will donate 10 meals to Feeding America. Feeding America says every dollar it receives is equivalent to 10 meals for needy people. Aldi says it will donate up to one million meals, or $100,000, for every time a Venmo user sends the turkey hand emoji during the month of November.

"It feels good to give back, especially during the holidays," said Aldi spokesperson Liz Ruggles. "Teaming up with Venmo makes it easy. By simply using the Turkey Hand emoji, people can help Aldi give meals while planning Friendsgiving meals of their own."

Venmo users can add the turkey hand emoji to transactions by selecting the icon from the emoji picker, or by typing the word “Friendsgiving” and letting autocomplete take care of the rest.

Feeding America provides food to more than 46 million people through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs in communities across America. You can also donate directly to Feeding America here.


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