Alcohol Spray Gets You Instantly Drunk Sans Hangover

Right on the heels of caffeine sprays, here's a new invention that will probably piss off the FDA

WAHH Quantum Sensations' Alcohol Spray

Apparently, inhalable caffeine wasn't enough for constant high-cravers. Designer Philippe Starck and scientist David Edwards teamed up to create an alcoholic spray that can provide "a few seconds of intoxication" immediately after a single spray.

It's called "WAHH Quantum Sensations," and one shot of the spray diffuses 0.075 ml of alcohol into your mouth, making you drunk for a few seconds before it wears off without giving you a hangover. Gizmodo even reports that you could pass any alcohol test after using it.

"The question is how to do good without doing harm. Wahh is an alternative that offers the idea of ​​intoxication without its adverse effects," Philippe Starck told AFP.

The spray is reportedly available for €20, and really, €20 for 21 shots of a couple seconds of confidence sounds about right. For the effect of a full drink, however, you'll need 1,000 sprays, so better save your money for a cocktail.