Alain Ducasse Hosting BYOB $850-a-Plate Dinner

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Alain Ducasse
Jessica Chou

If you think BYOB is a cheap date option, you might want to think again.

Alain Ducasse — yes, that one — is hosting an $850 per plate dinner for the BurdiGala, celebrating the food and wine of Bordeaux, France. The catch? It's BYOB.

The event does start off with a $250 wine tasting, but the $850 dinner and black tie gala, for 250 guests, requests that diners bring in their own bottle of wine. This might be a bottle of, say, Yellowtail, but the program suggests that guests "delve into their own Bordeaux collection and bring one of their best gems." Luckily, Jean-Georges Restaurant Group's Bernie Sun and a team of sommeliers will help serve all this wine, but you can imagine all the guests will bring to impress.


About half of the tickets have been sold, NBC reports, as a discounted dual ticket for both the wine tasting and dinner goes for $1,000. Proceeds from the benefit will go towards scholarships for Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Programs, and the black-tie gala will be hosted inside the 200-year-old St. Bartholomew's Church. It's definitely the classiest BYOB gig we've ever heard of.