Ah-Hing's Eggplant Recipe

Ah-Hing's Eggplant Recipe
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In 1985, I moved with my family to Hong Kong because of my father's job. It was a life-changing five-year experience that I will be grateful for forever - one that would irreversibly change my outook on the world, and food. The person who perhaps most impacted my view of food on a daily basis, was Ah-Hing, the Chinese woman who lived with us.Ah-Hing became family, and the kitchen was her domain. Among many things I watched her make during the years, this quick, easy eggplant dish is one of the most familiar. She served it with a variety of other Chinese dishes, most often bok choy with freshly grated ginger, and tofu and scallions.Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Easy Eggplant Recipes.
Eggplant and other ingredients.