Agog for A-Go-Go


Crêpe places somehow always tend to be cozy and cramped, and this restaurant is no exception.   Outside, there is room for a few tables and one umbrella; through the glass storefront a crêpe-maker is visible, spreading out pale batter and turning it wonderfully golden brown. If you go past the long counter, you may sit at one of the small tables inside, but why not take your crêpe a-go-go?

Washington is not Paris, and there are 74 combinations of toppings you could put on your crepe, some of them untraditional enough to make a Francophone raise eyebrows. Tuna, cheese, black olives, and tomatoes? Roasted eggplant? Almond powder, banana, coconut, Nutella, and whipped cream? You can get anything from ricotta and jam to smoked turkey and pineapple on your crêpe, and to be sure, some of these combos should be added to standard French repertoire. Of course, you may also order tried and true butter and sugar, Nutella and banana, or Cheddar and apples.  Either way, save room for the home-made gelato, where you’ll have an equally difficult time deciding which flavor to get.