Advice for Dining Out Straight From Chefs

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Joe Warwick discusses his new book 'Where Chefs Eat'
Advice for Dining Out Straight From Chefs

Joe Warwick discusses his new book 'Where Chefs Eat'

Joe Warwick's Where Chefs Eat

Where Chefs Eat

It's been said that if you want to truly know where to eat in a city, ask a chef. Well, Joe Warwick did just that and compiled a tome of worldwide cusine called Where Chefs Eat. The guide is a veritable treasure trove of dining across continents — Warwick asked more than 400 chefs from New York to Tokyo about the places they like in their hometowns. And as he says, "Why shouldn't we know where chefs want to eat?"

What you get from this guide is everything ranging from high-end, white-tablecloth restaurants to late-night cheap eats. Warwick was interested to see that the chefs didn't stick to their own genres: "What surprised me was, if you've got somebody who's cooking in a very fancy restaurant... the assumption is that might be what they want to eat," he said. "They actually want something more casual... I think they're a lot more plugged into what's going on, what's opening."

Though it's a heavy read at more than 700 pages, the book only clocks in at a cheap $19.99. There will also soon be an app so you can carry the book with you wherever you go (watch the Where Chefs Eat twitter page for updates on the app release).

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Watch the video above for more or pick up the book and start planning your next vacation!