Why Alcohol Makes People Feel More Attractive

The act of untagging of countless Facebook photos has proven that the more you drink, the less attractive you often appear. However, the Daily Mail reports on recent research that reveals that alcohol consumption makes people believe they're more attractive.

According to the Journal of Individual Differences, the researchers asked French men and women at a bar to blow into a breathalyzer and rate their own attractiveness. The drunker they were, the higher they rated their own attractiveness.

Similar to the concept of beer-goggles (the idea that drinkers are often blinded by alcohol and tend to find people more attractive while intoxicated), this reverse effect shows that alcohol increases a person's perception of his own attractiveness. However, it's found to be solely in the mind of the drinker. As experience has taught most people, others do not necessarily find them more attractive as they become more inebriated.

However, the psychology behind this delusion may not be very complex after all. The French, American, and Dutch researchers assert that associations of glamorous film stars drinking alcohol cause drinkers to correlate drinking with attractiveness. "Almost everyone thinks they are more attractive after they think they have consumed alcohol," University of Grenoble researcher Laurent Begue told the Daily Mail.

As we know, whether it just makes you more desperate, willing to settle, or actually unable to gauge someone's attractiveness, alcohol can blur your judgment. But sometimes it's fun to just toss back a few and embrace your booze-induced confidence.