A Spirited Hanukkah Celebration

While there are many Hanukkah traditions, such as lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, and making latkes, we've never heard of any kind of special cocktail.

Though the Maccabees were fond of wine, we think the holiday deserves its own festive and spirited drinks — and no, Manischewitz doesn't count. So we turned to talented New York bartender Nick Mautone for some help. He has created recipes for top restaurants and bars around town, including kosher tipples for Manhattan bistro Jezebel. (You can also thank him for the wildly popular Honey Deuce enjoyed by tens of thousands of tennis fans at the US Open every year.)

During any of the celebration's eight nights, we suggest fixing his vodka-based Holiday at the Hive (pictured above), which features a range of citrus ingredients and is sweetened by honey syrup. It has an unexpected pinch of star anise powder as well.

Another of Mautone's favorite Hanukkah concoctions is the simple and elegant Pom-Blood Orange Old Fashioned that incorporates pomegranate arils and orange twists.

And tomorrow evening, even if you don't win the driedel game and the big pot of gelt (or you don't celebrate the holiday at all), you'll still feel like a winner after a few sips of either of Mautone's elixirs. Happy Hanukkah!

Click here for the Holiday at the Hive cocktail. 

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