Woman Injured by Flying McDonald’s Fry

A French diner was hit in the eye by an airborne potato wedge
Wikimedia/Mac Markers

A woman missed work for 10 days due to a fry-related injury.

An airborne French fry can be more dangerous than countless high school food fight movies would have one believe, as a woman in France was recently injured by one so badly that she had to take off work for 10 days.

According to The Local, the woman was eating with her family in a McDonald’s near Bordeaux when another customer decided he could take no more waiting in line. He grabbed a nearby potato wedge and whipped it at a McDonald’s employee, but his aim was off and instead the potato wedge smashed into the eye of the woman, who had just been minding her own business at another table.

The flying potato wedge actually scratched the woman’s cornea, and she had to go to the hospital. Doctors told her to stay home from work for 10 days due to the injury.

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The woman has filed a report with the police, but it is as yet unknown if an investigation is underway or if the fry-thrower will be apprehended.