Woman Suspected in Mackerel Assault

Police say woman smacked man with a fish after stealing food

A woman is suspected of using a mackerel as an impromptu weapon.

Swedish police are investigating a bizarre assault case involving seafood allegedly used as an impromptu weapon, after a man says he was awakened from a nap by a woman slapping him in the face with a whole mackerel.

According to The Local, in the police report the man filed, he said he was sound asleep in his apartment when the woman came in and stole food from his refrigerator and 2000 kronor, or about $310. Then, not content to take her food and money and leave, the woman grabbed a whole mackerel that was handy, and started slapping the sleeping Swede in the face with it.

The bewildered victim woke up right away and called the police in a fury. The police, for their part, seem a bit confused about what exactly was going on in the incident. A spokesperson for the Nyköping police said they did not yet know how exactly the fish-wielding woman got into the apartment late at night, but they're pretty sure the man and woman know each other.

"They might live together sometimes," said Mikael Larsson of the Nyköping police. The alleged mackerel attack is being treated as an assault case and is currently under investigation, he said.

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Mackerel is a healthful fish that makes a better meal than a weapon, so check out some of our best mackerel recipes for some better ways to put the fish to use.