U.K. Highway Covered in Blanket of Mashed Potatoes

A mashed potato spill stopped traffic in England

A mashed potato spill stopped traffic along a British highway.

Traffic along a British highway came to a complete stop this weekend after a truck accident left it completely covered in mashed potatoes yesterday.

According to Gawker, the highway in North Yorkshire was blocked in both directions yesterday afternoon because a truck accidentally overturned and dumped its entire load of instant mashed potato mix all over the pavement. The spill caused unsafe driving conditions when the instant potato mix started expanding into mashed potatoes, because cars apparently do not drive well over a terrain of slippery mashed potatoes.

"Instant mash is covering the road and cars have skidded as a result of the mash swelling up," a police spokesperson said.

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Police initially brought in a chemical treatment to try to freeze the mashed potatoes for easier clean up, but that did not work very well. The fire department was called out later to try to blast the mashed potatoes off the road with high-powered hoses, which turned out to be more effective. The highway was reopened last night, and nobody was reported to be injured because of either the initial accident or the subsequent potato-related driving problems.