Tokyo Marathoners Win Trophy Bananas

Dole produced specially inscribed banana trophies for 200 finishers

The first 200 people to finish the Tokyo Marathon will win special Trophy Bananas to keep or eat.

Upon finishing a marathon, a lot of people would rather have a drink and a snack than a trophy. Now some runners will get both, because the 2014 Tokyo Marathon will be awarding special banana trophies to the first 200 people to cross the finish line. 

According to Rocket News 24, Dole Japan is a regular sponsor of the Tokyo Marathon and has previously provided piles of bananas for runners to enjoy. Bananas are particularly beloved of some marathon runners because they are full of carbohydrates for energy and potassium and magnesium, which runners lose as they sweat. Bananas are also portable, so they can be eaten mid-race. 

This year, the first 200 people to finish the race will get extra special "Trophy Bananas." The banana trophies are just regular bananas, but they will be printed with special messages for the runners. The Trophy Bananas will be printed with the runners' names and finishing times on their skins, as well as a congratulatory message. 

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The message-bearing Trophy Bananas look pretty cool, and they're a fun novelty with which to celebrate finishing a marathon. Winners will have to decide for themselves whether to eat their bananas right away, or watch a they turn into squishy, brown mementos of victory.