Master Candy Maker Arrested For Drugging Chocolate

Police in Spain say they have finally caught the "Willy Wonka" of drugs, having tracked down a master nougat maker who has been dabbling with illegal ingredients like hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana.

According to The Local, the candy maker had been putting together chocolates in the shape of the crest of Barcelona's football club. They looked just like normal, high-end chocolates, except they were spiked with drugs including a blend of mushrooms and marijuana.

The nougat-maker was arrested recently along with eight other people in a raid that also turned up evidence of cocaine and speed at the drug/chocolate lab, though police found only 300 grams of the drugged chocolates on the premises. Police say they also uncovered nearly $30,000 in cash, 960 grams of speed, 500 grams of cocaine, two cars, four computers, and 22 cell phones.

Police say the nougat-maker was taken into custody this week and will go before a judge at some point in the future.