Shake Shack Opens in New York's Grand Central Terminal

The super-popular burger chain opened in the Dining Concourse on October 5
Shake Shack

This new location serves handcut fries, and new concrete, and is also the first to sell bottled Shackmeister Ale.

Those Metro-North trains are about to smell a lot more like cheeseburgers.

Shake Shack opened for business in Grand Central Terminal’s bustling lower-level Dining Concourse on Saturday, Oct. 5, and instantly became a flagship dining option in the busy food court, which also includes Two Boots Pizza, Junior’s, Magnolia Bakery, Hale & Hearty, and Café Spice.

The 2,300-square-foot space will rent for a reported $435,000 per year, according to Crain’s, and the company tried for years to remove the Mexican eatery Zocalo from the space before succeeding earlier this year. Unique to this outpost is a frozen custard concrete called the GCT Crunch-stellation, which combines malt, Valrhona chocolate crunchies, and chocolate toffee pieces with a frozen vanilla custard base, paying homage to the terminal’s famous ceiling. They’ll also be selling fresh-cut fries, which are currently only available at their Upper East Side location but will soon be available elsewhere.

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While the lines are sure to be as long there as they are at the burgeoning chain’s other outposts, cold items will be sold via an express line, and customers can boy bottles of their Shackmeister Ale to bring on the train with them.