Retirees Dine and Dash on $230,000 Hotel Bill

Three old man spent two months drinking vintage Champagne before fleeing
Wikimedia/Gilbert Bochenek

Three old men ran up a $230,000 hotel bill in the Swiss mountains and disappeared without a trace.

Dine and dash seems like the purview of young celebrities and irresponsible teenagers, but a trio of old men may have mastered the art of skipping out on the bill after running off without paying a $230,000 hotel bill recently.

According to The Local, three retirees who said they were from the French Riviera moved into a 5-star Swiss chalet for two months and indulged themselves in health treatments, massages, silk sheets, high-end dinners, and lots and lots of vintage Champagne. The luxury mountain resort runs €12,000, or $16,400, a week. When the men went to check out, however, instead of money they handed over an “acknowledgement of debt” for their €170,000 bill and took off.

“Such a large sum is a record,” said Patrick Berod, director of hoteliers in the region. He said con men regularly dine and dash at luxury hotels, but €170,000, or over $230,000, was a new high. He said this type of con man usually covers his tracks well and presents an image of being a regular high-roller, often arriving in a helicopter or a Ferrari, which probably came from another hotel and hadn’t been paid for either. These guys padded their already high hotel bill with all manner of luxuries.

“It was things like confectionary with vintage champagne,” he said, “health treatments, massages, silk sheets and the limousine service.”

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A Swiss court has already sentenced the three men for swindling, but if the men are to serve any time, somebody will have to catch them first.