Restaurant Slammed for Racism Over 'Gypsy' Soup

Swedish restaurant reported to police over soup

A Swedish restaurant was reported to the police for hate speech this week after a woman saw "gypsy soup" on the menu.

A Swedish restaurateur thought he was being cheeky when he named one of his daily specials "gypsy soup," but one customer was not amused and reported him to the police for racism.

"This is not acceptable," she said. "Veiled racism in Malmö is not acceptable."

The Lundavägens Grill in Malmö advertised the dish as "gypsy soup," joking in brackets that the name was because all the ingredients were stolen. The woman who reported the menu said the gypsy slur and the crack about stolen ingredients is hate speech and should not be allowed as a joke on a restaurant menu.

According to The Local, restaurateur Slavko Rasic said as far as he is concerned, "gypsy soup" is just a random word and essentially the same thing as calling the dish "Elvis soup." He especially does not see the offense in the name, because the soup is tasty.

"It would be a different story if the soup was disgusting," he said.

Rasic said he did not intend to offend, but is not particularly bothered by the accusation.

"I’ll take it like a man," Rasic said. "I don’t think I am specifically pointing the finger at any one race when I call it 'gypsy soup.'"

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Rasic maintains the line about the stolen ingredients was just a joke. He would probably be in more trouble if the soup really were made of stolen ingredients, because as it is the Malmö police are not too troubled by the allegations and said the report was not currently a priority.