More Than 100 Dead In Terrorist Attacks On Paris Sites, Including Restaurants

Late Friday night, Paris was stunned when terrorist gunmen opened fire or exploded bombs at numerous locations around the city, including six restaurants. The terrible coordinated terrorist attack left more than a hundred people dead and hundreds more wounded.

According to The New York Times, at least 129 people were killed in the attacks, and 352 more were hospitalized, about a third of them in critical condition.  

French President Francois Hollande declared the attacks, which the Islamic State has claimed credit for, an act of war.

Paris police say that gunmen opened fire on innocent people in and around three restaurants in the 11th arrondissement — La Belle Équipe, a chic bistro; Café Bonne Bière, a popular brasserie; and La Casa Nostra, a pizzeria — as well as two in the neighboring 10th arrondissement, Le Carillon, a casual café–bar alongside the Canal St. Martin, and Le Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian place across the street. In addition, a suicide bomber left at least one person dead at another 11th-arronidissement restaurant, Comptoir Voltaire. At least 34 people were killed in the restaurant attacks alone.

The eight known attackers are all dead. Seven reportedly died in suicide bombings, and one was shot by police at the Bataclan concert hall, the deadliest site in the attacks, where gunmen reportedly murdered more than 80 people. Police are searching for other accomplices.

World leaders have come forward to condemn the attacks and express solidarity with the people of France.

"Those who we mourn were murdered in front of cafés, in restaurants, in a concert hall or on the open street," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "They wanted to live the life of free people in a city that celebrates life. And they met with murderers who hate this life of freedom."