New Hampshire Getting Eataly Look-Alike, Called Tuscan Market

Looks like Italian superstores-slash-restaurants are all the rage

We guess all the success of Eataly has been putting ideas in other people's heads. In New Hampshire, something called "Tuscan Market" is opening in October, and it sounds a lot like Eataly (sans the Mario Batali name).

Helmed by Joe Faro, behind restaurant Tuscan Kitchen, the Tuscan Market will "offer an extensive array of imported products, a large selection of specialty prepared foods, a 65-seat café, and specialty cooking classes," the press release says.

So not only will products be imported from Italy, but there will also be fresh pasta, imported cured meats and cheese, Italian espresso and desserts, a butcher, and a wine cellar.

On the restaurant side, the press release reports that fresh bread, pizza, panini, pastas, pastries, and gelato wil lbe served in the Tuscan Market café, with outdoor seating (take that Eataly! Except there is Birreria).

Faro admits he has been to Eataly a few times, but says his inspiration came from his upbringing. "I grew up going to an Italian bakery, going to Italian markets," he told us. "Italian food is really interpretation and to me it’s simple, rustic, time-honored preparation of classic fresh ingredients."

As for the school, Tuscan Market's Scuola Culinaria will host cooking demos and classes. So yes, it's like Eataly, but not. "It’s a little more intimate," Faro told The Daily Meal. "Eataly has got a huge hustle and bustle that you would find in New York City, but we have kind of become a destination, outside the center of the city. You have a little village if you will."