New York Man Finds Rat in 96th Birthday Cake

An old man celebrating his 96th birthday found a rat tail inside
Wikimedia/ jans canon

A 96-year-old man thinks a rat tail was put in his birthday cake on purpose.

Joe Valente was celebrating his 96th birthday with his favorite cake when he got a seriously nasty surprise. The treat he was eating turned out to have been laced with rat parts. 

According to ABC, the 96-year-old had been adamant that he would have no cake but a King Kullen German apple ring cake for his birthday.

“He’s had all their cake. He loves their cake. It has to be King Kullen,” said the man’s nephew.

But Uncle Joe will probably settle for a different kind of treat next year, because as soon as he took a bite of his cake he complained that it didn’t taste right. Further investigation turned up the severed tail of a rat baked into the bottom of the cake.

How the tail got into the cake is still a mystery. It could have been an accident, but Uncle Joe and his lawyer say otherwise.

“I personally am of the opinion that this cake was tampered with,” said family attorney Ed Yule.

Why someone would want to drop a rat tail into an old man’s 96th birthday cake nobody knows, but King Kullen says the bakery the cake came from has undergone a thorough cleaning and inspection.


“There are no known safety or rodent issues in this bakery,” the company said.