Starbucks to Begin Testing Delivery Service in Seattle and New York City

Starbucks will begin offering delivery in two of its most prominent markets later this year

If you don’t actually like leaving the office for your coffee break, welcome to Starbucks heaven. 

Slated to begin later this year, Starbucks will begin rolling out delivery service in Seattle and New York City, reports the Seattle Times.

In Seattle, Starbucks has partnered with Postmates, a startup that offers on-demand delivery. Similar to Uber, Postmates is made up of part-time employees with their own modes of transportation. Details are still in the works, but customers should expect a fixed delivery fee from Postmates.

In New York City, Starbucks will focus first on the hyperlocal, appointing Starbucks employees to deliver within the office building where a given Starbucks is located. The first of these “green apron delivery” services, as Starbucks calls them, will be tested inside the Empire State Building.


Customers will be able to monitor the progress of their delivery on the Starbucks mobile payment app, which experts in the industry have described as the most successful of its kind, according to the Seattle Times.