Mister Donut Rolls Out Pizza-Flavored Donuts

Limited-edition regional donut flavors bewilder
Mister Donut

Mister Donut has unveiled some surprising new regional specialty flavors for December.

Mister Donut, one of the most popular donut chains in the Japanese market, has rolled out some limited-edition regional specialty donuts around Japan for the holidays, but some of their flavor ideas have customers skeptical.

"Officially called 'Pon de Umaimon,' these rings of flavor come in eight sweet or savory regional varieties that are sure to make you wonder why such a donut exists," writes Rocket News 24's Michelle Lynn Dinh.

Each of the eight specialty flavors starts with Mister Donut's signature item, the "Pon de Ring," a donut that looks like eight donut holes were stuck together into a ring shape. That ring is cut in half and filled with a flavored paste. Mister Donut shops in eastern Japan will offer the donuts in flavors like sweet edamame and mochi, savory pan-fried batter, malted rice, and buttered potato.

In western Japan, however, the flavors are mango; toast with red bean paste and butter; muscat; and okonomiyaki, a savory omelet-esque dish often referred to as "Japanese pizza."

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Buttered potato and okonomiyaki donuts might be a difficult sell, but these specialty flavors will be available for 147 yen or $1.43 each through the end of December.