Japanese Chain Produces Burger-Less Burger, And People Love It

Japanese burger chain Lotteria is known for its off-the-wall novelty burgers. It is the mastermind behind the ramen burger and the jaw-stretching 5-patty burger, after all. But its newest burger is quite possibly its weirdest creation yet, because it is literally a burger without a burger, and somehow people are loving it.

According to Rocket News 24, Lotteria's new "No-Shrimp Burger" is a take on the chain's very popular Shrimp Burger, only this one has... no shrimp. It is literally just a plain hamburger bun with lettuce and tartar sauce on it, and customers can purchase it for 210 yen, or $1.76 each. Surprisingly, plenty of people have been doing just that. The novelty of the "No-Shrimp Burger" has inspired several customers to actually buy the thing, see what it is like, and post a photo to Twitter, of course.

"I ordered a shrimp burger without the shrimp," one customer wrote alongside a photo of the sandwich. Like many quick-service sandwiches, the "No-Shrimp Burger" does not look quite as appetizing in the real world as it does on the chain's menu boards, but still customers have been saying the "No-Shrimp Burger" is surprisingly good for a burger that contains no patty of any kind.

The shrimpless burger is a novelty item designed to promote a new shrimp burger Lotteria plans on rolling out in the near future, but in the meantime it sounds like customers are enjoying their shrimp-free burgers as-is.