Lingonberries Fight Weight Gain, Researchers Say

Sweden's famous lingonberries are perhaps best known as the novelty jam served at America's Ikeas, but scientists say the red fruit is actually a superfood that can help prevent weight gain.

According to The Local, researchers at Sweden's Lund University examined groups of mice that are predisposed towards gaining weight. Separating the mice into groups, some of the mice were given lingonberries along with their food, while the other mice were given other kinds of berries. After three months, the scientists reported that the lingonberry-eating mice had the healthiest body weights and blood sugar levels. 

"The mice that got lingon were not fat, they had lower blood sugar, were not as insulin resistant, and they had lower inflammation levels in the body," said molecular biologist Lovisa Heyman.

The science is still in the mouse-study stage, but the scientists are optimistic that the lingonberry could also help people resist weight gain and prevent diabetes. The researchers say they intend to continue their lingonberry studies in an attempt to pinpoint what exactly it is about lingonberries that help prevent obesity-prone mice from gaining weight and if it can also be of benefit to people.